Board of Directors

Thanks to our generous Board of Directors who fund all of our operating expenses, 100% of public donations go directly to providing blankets to those in need.

Todd Chaffee

Managing Director & Partner

Peri Chantelle Warren

Chief Engagement Officer
Warren Family Foundation

Glen Trotiner

Film Director & Producer
The Untouchables, Big Daddy

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer

Alexander Coleman

Founder & CEO
Infra, Inc.

Conner McGee

Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley

Kevin Flahaut

Partner & Developer
RocketGenius, Gravity Forms

Nate Matherson

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Jeremy Penn

Jeremy Penn Fine Art Studio

Advisory Board

Laurence Scot

Co-Founder & Co-Manager
Skody Scot & Company CPAs

Stephanie Speranza

Newsroom Coordinator

Scott MacGregor

Founder & CEO
SomethingNew LLC

Christopher Dessi

VP, Americas & Australia
Products Up

Molly Ghoussias

Change Matters, LLC

Bowie Chen

Music Coordinator
United Talent Agency

April Shprintz

Business Accelerator & Founder
Driven Outcomes

James L. Rutherford

Clinton School of Public Service

Mark Smith

Blankets and Beyond
SomethingNew LLC

Sam Tynan

Account Manager

Joseph Fiorito

Client & Markets Lead Director
PwC Audit Center of Excellence

John Fria

Content Creator
Here in NYC

Lisle Richards

The Village Den

Matt Giacopelli

Civil Engineer
Mayrich Construction